Minimum of 10 people required for the Birthday Party Package.

Ticket price is
$20 per person

Price includes:
Birthday plates, Birthday napkins, a  and Birthday cake (themed to the show)
Gratuity not included.

 Birthday Packages also allow for the party guests to arrive a half an hour before the general public to have more time in the theatre for cake and opening presents.

Birthday Packages of
10 - 19 require a $100 deposit and have until 2 weeks before the party to call the Box Office with your final count and 10 days to make your final payment.

Birthday Packages of
20 or more require a $200 deposit and have until 3 weeks before the party to call the Box Office with your final count and 2 weeks to make your final payment.

If you have any questions, simply call the theatre at
(301) 662-6600.


Looking for something special to do for your child's next birthday?  Just bring them and a whole bunch of their friends to Way Off Broadway's Children's Theatre.  This is really a great way to hold a birthday party. You bring the kids, we provide the entertainment and the food!  Here are the details:

All you have to do is call the theatre's Box Office at (301) 662-6600 to purchase tickets for any of our regularly scheduled Children's Theatre performances.  Seating is limited by the number of available seats for that show, so don't wait until the last minute or we may very well be sold out.  In fact, most of our Children's shows sell out a couple of weeks in advance.

We'll provide a drink, an entree, chips, a fruit snack for dessert, and the show.  All you have to provide are the kids and the presents. 

NOTE: Due to Health Department regulations, birthday parties cannot bring in their own cake, or any other "outside" food.
  However, if you would like a birthday cake from the Way Off Broadway Bakery, give us a call. 

Before the show begins, one of the characters in the show - the same one who has been serving your party lunch - will bring out your birthday cake and everyone sings "Happy Birthday."

If you want, you can stay after the show and your party can join the cast up on stage for a photograph.  So don't forget your camera! 

Party Tips

Plan your arrival time:
You should probably plan on being there right when our doors open.  For those purchasing the Birthday Package, you can arrive at 11:00 a.m., a half hour before the general public.  The doors open for everyone else at 11:30 a.m.  Getting there when the doors open will give you plenty of time to settle up anything with the Box Office and welcome all of your guests.   

Bring a little help:
If you have a large party - large being defined as more than you can handle by yourself - plan on having a few extra parents there to give you a hand.  The theatre staff (i.e., your server and your host) will help when they can, but they'll have their hands full with just getting food and drink served to your party and anyone else they're responsible for.  And, as I'm sure all of you Moms and Dads out there know, nothing can be more difficult to ride herd on than a bunch of excited eight year olds when they've been combined with cake.  So don't be afraid to add a ticket or two for some help.

Decorations are OK, but...:
Lots of people like a theme birthday party, so they bring their own napkins, etc.  Just about anything you bring is okay with us, but you should keep a few things in mind.  Balloons are great, but we have to make sure they're out of the way before the show starts so that they aren't blocking the view of anyone behind you.  You should also steer clear of glitter or little confetti-like things that look good when scattered on your table but are no fun whatsoever when we try to vacuum them out of the carpet.  If you have something that's going to take a little time to set up (place cards with names, for example), feel free to show up a few minutes before your guests arrive to do a little setting up before.  Finally, please leave those fancy table cloths that match the napkins and cups at home.  We've discovered that small tykes tend to forget that those cloths aren't nailed down.  One good yank and everyone's drink is all over the place.