When the meteorologists start talking about the chance of winter weather, the Box Office receives a lot of calls about what happens if it snows on the date of a performance.  That being the case, we thought we'd go ahead and post a specific page with the Snow Policy and weather related information.

First off, and maybe most important, before we can make any decision about cancelling a show because of bad weather, we need to see what the weather is actually like.  Let's face it, more often than not, the meteorologists get it wrong.  So until we see something falling from the sky, we operate under the old adage that the show will go on.

What happens if it actually snows?

Our performers and staff come from all over the region, so we have eyes all across the area to let us know what the weather conditions are like.  We want to err on the side of safety for our guests and staff, so if the weather is really bad, we will cancel a performance.


All shows are performing as scheduled.
If we do this, now that we have a dedicated page on the website for information like this, it will be posted here, as well as on the theatre's FACEBOOK PAGE.  More importantly, the Box Office will contact whomever purchased the tickets and let them know the show has been cancelled, and work with them to reschedule.

The official Snow Policy at Way Off Broadway is . . .

SNOW POLICY: In theatre, there is an old saying that we live by, "The show must go on."  However, we are very careful when it comes to bad weather.  If the roads are clear and we have no troubling getting the cast and staff in for the show (and those who work at WOB come from all over the area), then the show will go on.  If the weather is too bad, and we do cancel a performance, we will let everyone know and we will work with everyone to reschedule their tickets.  If a show does go on and someone does not show up for their reservation, then those tickets have been forfeited.

You can find this on our

If you have any questions, you can always feel free to contact the Box Office at (301) 662-6600 and anyone there will be able to help you.